Ghostwriting prices

The prices for ghostwriting are very diverse and diverse – it is therefore particularly important not to compare apples with pears here. If you are looking for a suitable ghostwriting agency, you should deal with the subject as comprehensively as possible. Because this is primarily about the excellent quality, reliability and trustworthiness – only in the second step, you should question the costs of ghostwriting.

If you want to invest safely in your future, you should not necessarily expect the cheapest prices for this project. Our website offers you transparent contracts and payment methods – after all, we work hand in hand with our customers and always make sure that the expectations are always met to the fullest satisfaction. If you are looking for something great, in many cases you are willing to pay a fair price for the best job.

Ghostwriter – compare prices and payment methods

We create our scientific elaborations individually according to your wishes and specifications.

The fees for our ghostwriters depend, among other things, on the area of expertise, the subject area, the scope of the work, the preliminary work, the available processing time and the scientific level. If you tell us your requirements (for example via our checklist for scientific work), we will gladly make you a concrete and non-binding offer.

As a rule, we agree on a fixed price so that there are no additional costs for you (for example for literature research or procurement).

Obtain fees for Ghostwriting early

Only highly qualified and experienced employees or authors, who are specialists in the respective field, take care of your commissioned work with confidence and with absolute punctuality. We always ensure that specified deadlines are met; If an employee should be absent due to illness, we will take care that your order will continue without delay. We create for each client, taking into account specifications and wishes, a tailor-made offer with a concrete and transparent price.

The billing of our work is carried out according to a proven principle – after placing the order, the customer pays a first discount, the amount of which can vary individually by arrangement – all further payments are then made according to order progress. Upon receipt of the finished work, the final payment is due. It is important to us to always provide our customers with insight into the progress of the work so that they are kept up-to-date throughout the entire contract.

Ghostwriter costs can be calculated individually for each project

Scientifically-based ghostwriting, as we have understood for over 25 years, is time consuming and labor intensive.

An experienced, scientific ghostwriter writes thorough work – essential to the quality of the work – assuming an average of two pages per day. In this respect, you can already roughly estimate the fee on the basis of a reasonable monthly income and the cost of your order.

We are always asked why we are more expensive compared to many other providers. The question should really be, why others can be so cheap. You can read one reason in our experience reports.

payment by installments

Of course, if you wish, you can pay the fee in monthly installments. In exceptional cases, the installment can be extended beyond the completion date.

Our ghostwriter agency offers you fair and transparent payment methods. After the order has been placed, a down payment must first be made, and all further costs for the ghostwriter will then be invoiced according to the order progress in accordance with the deliveries made.


Does ghostwriting company also ghostwriting for a term paper, bachelor and master thesis?

Of course. Students who are about to graduate and have to write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis can definitely benefit from the services of ghostwriting company to avail.

Even students turn to us who, during their studies, had ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with the topic and methodology of scientific writing and to be able to elaborate academic topics and tasks in a meaningful way. Again, we like to provide additional help to avoid nasty surprises.


What services do I get from ghostwriting company?

When requesting the prices for Ghostwriter activities, we take into account a variety of services. For example, we support undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of ways. This is not just about creating a template for the entire thesis. Our company also helps you with the planning and conception of scientific work.

Thus, among other things, in the initial phase we can help to create a meaningful structure or structure, so that the structure optimally reflects the focus of your chosen topic. Our service also includes a thorough literature review, statistical analysis and designing finished templates. In this way we save the graduates many hours of effort.


For which subject areas can ghostwriting company help?

The team of our company has authors from a wide variety of scientific disciplines. Here, our employees also cover very complex and interdisciplinary topics. Among others, highly qualified and experienced people work for you

  • Literary and linguist,
  • Chemist,
  • Physicist,
  • Musicologist and art scientist,
  • Economists,
  • Legal scholars,
  • psychologists,
  • medic,
  • Social scientists,
  • Humanities scholar as well
  • biologists,

from various disciplines such as politics, economics, research, teaching and administration.

Ghostwriting prices are always calculated individually

Our customers receive an individual offer for each request with a transparent list of fees for the ghostwriters. We are always guided by the special wishes and specifications of our clients. All employees are specialists in their respective field of expertise and create every work interdisciplinary, punctual and strictly confidential.

A thorough and intensive training, research and working method is the basic prerequisite, because only this way it is guaranteed that we meet the demands of our customers. Very good work always has its price – so our ghostwriting costs can only be described as attractive and fair. Look forward to the success of your work – we provide the necessary support for scientific research, statistics and preparation.
If you are also looking for professional ghostwriting or have questions about the preparation of your seminar, bachelor, master or diploma thesis, contact us today – we will gladly discuss the key points of the scientific work to be created with you and explain the expected costs for your ghostwriter. Upon completion, we will, of course, also carry out a professional plagiarism check on request.