Postponing the postponement – the way out of self-lying

The problem is as old as student life. Unloved activities are postponed until there is not much time left.

Whether chores, presentations or exams, just before the deadline is still plenty of work left. While there are some students who can easily put 20 more pages of text on paper in a single night, most people find this task difficult. The result is at least rarely convincing.

By far the most common reason for this behavior is self-deception. You are so long that you have no problem and endless time to do all the other great stuff you want to do, you are a big problem and you have no time left. The phases of self-deception are (almost) always the same:

  • The three phases of self-deception

There is still a long time to go:

The donation for housework is still so far away. There is still time enough to deal with other things. The workload is still easy to manage in the coming weeks. Also the literature research is no problem. Are only a few pages of text to be written there.

Time Mathematics for Professionals:

Twelve pages you can easily manage in a week. If you write two pages a day, then that’s even 14 at the end. And you’re almost done getting started. Then only ten pages remain. No problem, you can start tomorrow.

Pure panic and naked horror:

You still have to write ten pages. Until tomorrow. And get literature. Help … Which font of allowed is actually the one that takes up the most space? Count the deadline actually until midnight. Does the lecturer look so late in her mailbox? And most important: Does the tank still open? It will not work without caffeine.

Learned nothing from experience

The fact that even experience at this point rarely helps, shows the fact that even after the third work on the wall you say that everything will get better next time. But nothing changes in your behavior. The fact that you start earlier and do not always push everything in front of you is the basis on which all self-deception is built up. But there are a few tricks that can help you defend yourself against this problem:

Planning is half the life:

The sentence is no coincidence. A well-structured, clear to-do list can help. When creating, make sure that the tasks and individual steps are clearly formulated, focus on just one topic, ie your housework, and are also created. That motivates, because crossed out tasks are the most beautiful.

Prioritize priorities:

If you want to do a job, do not let distractions keep you busy. He is still there later. Clean up the desk, clean the kitchen, sort the folders: everything is unimportant. Eliminate what needs to be done. Then the rest comes.

Delete the doubt:

It does not help to question yourself time and again, whether the task is to be done, whether the text is good enough or the headline fits. First write down, no matter how horrible it is. If the first draft is available, the correction is much easier. And all too often the writing is not as bad as previously thought.

Magic word no:

Again and again ideas come to us, what else could we do. Or our friends have great suggestions on what to do with the day. Other tasks are waiting behind every corner. Learn to say no. Both your own thoughts and your friends. Sometimes you just have to stop to do your job.

Take a break:

If you can not switch off, you will not be able to work any longer. Regular breaks are important. The head needs time to breathe deeply. Go for a walk, have a coffee or surf a little on the internet. It is best, even if it sounds funny, read to relax the brain.

Rewards are required:

To stay motivated, you should regularly reward yourself. A walk around the block, a series of the favorite series or something delicious to eat are always good. But make sure that it’s a little bit small and does not grow, even though the next episode will be super exciting.

In doubt to the doctor

We sincerely hope that you will get through these studies more successfully with these methods. Often self-motivation and organization is harder to learn than the stuff for the next three exams. But when you realize that your problem continues to grow and has a strong impact on your life, your future, and your well-being, seek professional help. Maybe there is a mental disorder that you will not get a grip on without a doctor.